Mario Hemsley & Victor Allen

We Are Pax Stereo

Something Your Mind Can Feel!


Content Creators

24/7 Broadcast Machine

Streaming Media Innovators

Community Managers

Social Media Integrators

We Are U!

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Who We Are & Who We Are Not
(Just in case you wanted to know)

We are not corporate. We have no corporate affiliations. We are indie to the core.

We are self financed. No influences. We are free to do our own thing.

We are a staff of only two; Mario Hemsley & Victor Allen

We are self taught and self trained.

Mario Hemsley is the only web designer Pax Stereo has ever had.

Victor Allen answers the phone and makes himself available for our associates.

We support indie talent we like even when no one has heard of them.

We cover stories we think are interesting and important first and foremost. We let the stats be whatever they are.

We are “neourban” and represent a newly evolving World Community.

Pax Stereo was an indie music label before internet television, with nine CD releases available on iTunes.

We have been live streaming our broadcast 24/7 since 2010

We have embraced our journey into the unknown without fear.

We struggle to do our best to represent YOU, our NeoUrban Community.

We Are The Nu New!

There is absolutely NOTHING like Pax Stereo Tv! Google us!

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